Community Initiatives


We believe that the beauty of nature should be accessible to everyone. That's why we donate two of our stunning bouquets every month to deserving community organizations throughout Calgary. For us, nature has always been a source of restoration and grounding, and we're committed to sharing that sense of wonder with others.

If you know of a deserving recipient who would appreciate the uplifting power of flowers, we want to hear from you. We primarily focus on not-for-profit organizations that are making a positive impact in our community. So please reach out and tell us why your nominated recipient would be a perfect fit for our donation program. Together, we can spread a little joy and beauty in the world.


To nominate an organization, please share your name and contact information (the nominator), along with a brief explanation of who you are nominating and why you believe they deserve to be nominated. If your nominee is selected, we'll contact you to gather more information and arrange a connection or delivery.

Thank you for your nomination!

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